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Federico Ziberna and Claudio Cavalera, independent Italian researchers, have conceived and described a completely new kind of privacy breach, based on avatars. This type of violation may involve most users of the popular Instant Messaging apps: Whatsapp and Viber.

The researcher developed a system that allowed him to freely download an unlimited amount of avatars linked to as many accounts as users of famous Instant Messaging systems. Using the User's Avatar as a “Search Key” (possibly combined with other data automatically extracted from the image thanks to facial recognition algorithms, such as ethnicity, age, gender, etc), it was possible to compare the avatar with other freely images in the network or on other accounts, in order to find a match.

This fact therefore allows you to have a chance to connect any unknown person's phone number to a real person, thanks to the avatar.

The hacking system works on multiple levels and is based on a tool that can automatically collect and store an unlimited number of images (avatars) of Whatsapp and Viber users (at demonstration level have been collected some millions, belonging to as many Italian mobile users recorded on these systems). Once collected, the avatars were cataloged and processed with facial recognition algorithms, comparison, analysis involving other data sources on the web.

Among the different types of hacks the so nicknamed "voodoo doll exploit": the striker makes a photo to any person, and the attack tool verifies whether the "doll" is comparable to one of the downloaded avatars and hence eventually traced back to the phone number of the person photographed. NowIseeYou.

"Imagine this scenario: we have an archive of millions of photos. Most of these have the face of a person. Do you remember the old movies in which the police are looking for a criminal by comparing his picture with those contained in their file? ..nowiseeyou has the advantage that on every photo of its archive there is attached the card with the criminal phone number .."

Data collected from research

At the time of publication and having stopped the experimental phase, those shown later are the collected data (represented as orders of magnitude) taking into account that they have been tested and reported only those concerning the numbers with Italian operator prefixes.

  • 200,000,000 Numbers tested
  • 10,000,000 Contacts found
  • 7,000,000 Avatars found
  •  Numbered Tested: numbers entered to search for WhatsApp and / or Viber contacts:   about 200M. This number indicates the phone numbers that were given to the App to see if they were registered on the apps  services.
  •  Contact WhatsApp and / or Viber found: about 10M: This number indicates the total number of contacts (phone numbers) of   registered users on WhatsApp + Viber.
  •  Stored Avatars: Stored User Images. Approx. 7M. This number indicates the   images (Avatar) indexed in the archives of NowISeeYou. The number is smaller   of the actual contacts found (the previous number) since   some users do not have/use   custom avatar, or it has been discarded, or it has not been collected   for other reasons.


NowIseeYou is the first and largest exploit on the violation of the privacy known today and was conceived and realized by Federico Ziberna, based on the idea elaborated in collaboration with Claudio Cavalera, independent Italians researchers. The exploit is about potentially identify an unknow person, recovering his name, surname, other personal data, and connect them to his phone number, using as starting point his avatar, freely available. The mechanism is based on massive collecting phone numbers and avatars (little images chosen by users on IM apps), then proceed as in the next synthetic schema.

NowISeeYou emulators (during avatars collection phase)

NowISeeYou data collection server

The procedure (in general terms)

  • A. serial and automatic insertion by NowISeeYou of "pseudo random" list of phone numbers in a phonebook (real or emulator),
  • B. verifying the existence of the phone number on the specific Instant Messaging app,
  • C. recovering and storing the avatar with the linked telephone number,
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  • D. extraction from the avatar (if recognized) of a face and any extra data, such as age, sex, etc,
  • E. comparative research based on the image with other images on the web and / or with the data recovered from the face,
  • F. obtain (if any) the connection of the telephone number with the data of the identified person

NowISeeYou emulators in avatars collection phase
(the avatars of the numbers found, along with the numbers themselves, are sent to one server)

example of facial analysis performed on an avatar
(me, poor me!)

Attribute Value recovered from the avatar analysis Given Reliability
Ethnicity Caucasic - white 98%
Sex Male 98%
Age 49 88%
Hair (and color) Bald 99%
Eyes color Unknow 0%
Glasses No 90%
Beard Yes 64%
Mustache 60%
Expression Neutral 90%
media about 75%

The attacks

  • Cross social avatar exploit

    (Estimated) Danger: ★★★★★
    (Medium Low)

    It is based on the possibility that a user uses the same avatar(s) on different social network. The attack is automated and unattended: the attacker program extracts the avatars in the archives and acts in sequence. Using one or multiple reverse search lookup tools, the avatar (present in the NowISeeYou archives) is searched on the web, scanning the results to see if the avatar (the same image) is used and / or linked to other social, in particular Facebook or LinkedIn...

  • Similar image exploit

    (Estimated) Danger ★★★★★

    It is an extension of the "cross social" attack but not limited to social and can be applied when the previous one fails. This attack does not concern only facial images, more easily used on other social instruments: rather, search the image on the web, comparing it with results compatible. Can be supervised or not by the attacker. The program is limited to reporting to the attacker (or saving for further processing) a list of possible matches found.

  • Voodoo dool exploit

    (Estimated) Danger: ★★★★★
    (Medium High)

    This is the most paradoxical and most dangerous exploit, as it could potentially expose any person using an avatar that contains his face. This name ("voodoo dool") was chosen because it is enough that the attacker gets one or more photos of the person he wants sticking, perhaps retrieving it anywhere...


Apparently, trying to find a match between an avatar (and phone number connected) and an image taken or retrieved from the web seems an extremely difficult task. Under certain conditions however, this is not the case. In particular we consider the hypothesis that we have available all avatars, or a substantial part, of Whatsapp Italian users . These avatars are recoverable by scanning numbers with prefixes of Italian operators: clearly will fall within the accounts in our possession a tiny percentage of a non-Italian users who use an Italian mobile number, and vice versa there won't be some Italian users who live in Italy but for various reasons use a non-Italian mobile number.  Let's say at this point that the attacker, in front of 7M of avatars, makes one photo to a person (i.e. a girl) and wants to find her phone number: of course the person should use Whatsapp or Viber and use an avatar. She is a brunette girl with glasses with green eyes about 36 years old, without freckles etc. Clearly, the match class of selected images will be more or less broad in proportion to the ability of classification algorithms to be fine and specify the parameters that are recognized. Summing up accounts, half the population will be feminine, an eighth will be approximately in the age class + -3 years, a third of these will be brunette, of which a third will wear glasses, a third will have green eyes and most will be without freckles. Could still have a good number of avatars that our striker should patiently examine manually. But anyway: could he possibly do it with patience and according to his desire to have the girl's number.

But now we start from a smaller country than Italy, in terms of absolute population. Let's say the attacker is a Swiss. Switzerland has about 8M of total population (Italy about 60M).  Let us therefore hypothesize that the total number of users of the two famous IM tools (in Swiss ) is about one-sixth of the country's total population (a randomly estimated figure). It is well understood that hack tuning converges in an extremely faster and more efficient way. Same speech would be more or less for Belgium (11M).
Less population in absolute terms, easier to reach a potentially match: a Norwegian striker that would like to try to find a person's phone number from a photo, having collected the data on a prefix basis / norwegian operator(s) would probably have to deal with a really small number of accounts (in proportion) and therefore his attack would be easier.


Disturbing hypothetical scenarios..

But we hypothesize some other scenarios, much more trivial. The attacker is not a good person.  And so he thought to invest 1k euros to buy (and / or recover: many in fact were used) about 100 sim (of some specific countries in the world), with some idea about how to exploit the fales that was going on checking in privacy. And so, with a modest expense and some pc, he put it to work in parallel 100 virtualized devices on a dozen PCs (also ones virtualized), 24/24, 7/7 for say .. let's say: just over 3 months.

Let's make two accounts in the pocket to the attacker: NowISeeYou installed on a single Emulated device can check, at regular, 100k numbers per day. Round counts: we say that every single application has been turned almost continuously for 100 days (the three months and a little more, mentioned above). At the end of the period (the single app) will have checked about 100k * 100gg = 10,000k numbers telephone numbers (= 10,000,000 numbers). But because of the parallelization of the process on 100 devices, the total number of verified numbers was previous * 100, or: 1 billion (1 billion numbers!). Suggestive.

100 virtual on 10 virtual 7/7 24/24 * 100gg = about 1,000,000,000 = 150,000,000

Of course a small percentage of these were real numbers, and in turn only a percentage of these were linked to an IM tool. We say: the 15%? Our little monster had thus collected 150M of avatars.

Yeah, but what do you do? To the devil, if you have time, the tail starts to shine: he has an idea and he is ready.
  Phone numbers "are verified": that is, first, those phone numbers EXIST
  And this is a first advantage. Then the horns come out: thanks to the avatar, of whom a 60-70% has a face, these numbers can be hypothetically cataloged by sex, age and other ethnic dimensions.
In short, the devil is likely to have about 100M of phone numbers divided by selected group of countries, approximately cataloged by age group, skin color, hair color, sex etc. Now let's face a question, rather rhetorical: according to you, could ever exist someone who wants to buy these verified and cataloged numbers, paying the miserable figure of 1 cent the one, then doing targeted spam / marketing? The striker, in the face of 1k of investment, might be tempted to do 1M.


1, 2, 3 .. many avatars

The worst is soon said. Most of the work done by our App was to put phone numbers in the phone book and verify them, that could also do not exist at all. NowISeeYou had to work "almost" blind. Where "almost" means that the server dynamically monitored the percentage of successes (positive feedbacks) on sequence of phone numbers created starting with a real seed/number given. Which (translated) means that, if for example in the last 10,000 sequential number tested the percentage dropped below one some threshold, NowISeeYou moved to another "quadrant" or seed number, going to "test" (or "carotage") other "shifted" sequences, restarting when it found a promising new one.
But the fact remains that, as it was said, the greatest part of the time and computing resources was wasted (from 1 billion numbers tested, only "150M of avatars" were obtained). To extract 7M of avatars of Italian users were considered 200M+ of numbers: clearly a waste of time. But beware of the trick: now numbers in our possession are verified numbers. And are connected to as many accounts and avatars.
What if then we set up the system to make a second round, but using only those numbers? What happens is very simple. The speed at which the entire process is carried out is about a tenth.
 But what's the purpose of doing all this? To what purpose is soon said: the fact is that the most users change their avatar continuously and at regular intervals. NowISeeYou has collected the first avatar: the next round it will check whether the avatar has changed and save it, together with the previous one, in the big db.. At this point we have a history, albeit partial, of the avatars of users!

We decide to resume the search for avatars on the 7M of Italian user accounts we have in db. counting on our array of devices, the time taken is about: one day ...  Let's wait a few days and repeat the procedure, again: purpose? collect new avatars of the same users. In the end what we have: we have (on average) 2/3/4/5 different images for each account we own.

Let's take a little step back then make a big step forward. Now we want to try a "vodoo doll" hack (finding a number in our possession from an arbitrary photo) and we would have many more chances of success compared to before. Let's go over and let's say we've provided our software of a minimum of intelligence: 1). it takes one phone number and compares all its avatars, 2). look if there are faces inside these avatars, 3). (classifies them) and verifies if there are compatible data (or if they portray the same person or a probabilistically compatible person). If so, those images "are" the person.

What to do and small remedies

  • for the User

    selfies, selfies

    I know. It's all great. I really know, figured out. But it would be better not   use the same images on more social. Be original. If you use or   publish a photo of you in some social, do not use it on another. Not   use as avatar a photo too precise of you. The avatar.. it is you.

  • for IM Developers

    the history of users

    I know it is annoying. Someone with his findings forcing you to   change the code. But really: I know. And it is good for everyone to improve. The   IM clients are safe: they are made with the highest standards of   security. But what needs to be done is simple: some controls need to be introduced   on the server-side to keep track of some basic information,   like the total number of contacts a user has entered in his address book   (the history of contacts). History teaches. It is not reasonable for a user to have   uploaded 30,000 contacts, to say ..

  • for APP Developers

    "I'm not a robot"

    I know: what I am about to propose seems a ridiculous idea, but it is not.   Your application should be designed to prevent it from being used   from another application. It does not "have to protect its data" (what it is   made for a long time, when well when bad), but be careful: "must not   be used". The fact that "an App should not be able to be   used" means that it must not be piloted by another   application that behaves "as if" was a human. We are used to   CAPTCHA for web forms. Similar verification mechanisms need to be implemented on apps, but more sophisticated. It should not happen that an App is used by another "vampire" App: for example, all of the gambling platforms are mindful of these things.    NowISeeYou inserts thousands of numbers in the phonebook and then acts as a human,   scrolling the phone book and clicking on specific items.   In short, we need a new generation of CAPTCHA for mobile apps.