NowISeeYou and all related information disclosed on this or any other related site are intended solely as a study conceived to illustrate to web users any potential violations of their privacy respectively to the information that, even involuntarily, they may share with their contacts, within social tools or more extensively on the Internet.
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES Technical Details of NowISeeYou have been described to encourage their use or exploitation for malicious actions or to expose someone to possible violations of their personal information.

Technical insights

Technical insights have been brought to a level of detail sufficient to render the work scientifically proven, but they have not been presented to such a detail as to make them replicable to subjects who do not have specific programming skills. As a developer and more generally as a person, I stick to a precise code of ethics of mutual respect, adhering in any case to the principle that is through the sharing of knowledge and the diffusion of the knowledge that - sometimes - our world can try to improve.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the writer can not be considered in any way and / or reasonally responsible for any use that should be directly or indirectly linked to the information and / or methodology (albeit of a general nature) described therein.

Duration of data

Any data that has been collected is not present on this site or other machines that can be accessed on the network and therefore can not be violated in any way. Archives, which have been temporarily stored on personal machines, will be permanently removed and deleted within 6 days of the presentation of this study.

Tools and software mentioned.

The software components and / or services mentioned are in no way related directly to NowISeeYou - the hacks - the present study, and are cited as an example only.